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Indian Museum, Calcutta

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on April 27, 2009

I love natural history museums, and while the Indian Museum in Calcutta is not, strictly speaking, a natural history museum, its dusty wooden cabinets cataloging with Victorian fastidiousness the rocks, fossils, beasts, insects and vegetable life of India might be the city’s attraction. Wonderfully evocative, as so much of Kolkata is, the museum was founded as the Asiatic Society in 1814, and very little besides the name has changed in the subsequent 200 years.

Current home of the museum, completed by the architect W.L. Granvil in 1878.

Amazing gallery of animal skeletons and taxidermy.

Our ancestors.

One of the many closed galleries- one wonders how many years since the curiosities inside have seen the light of day.

Gallery of Indian rocks and minerals.

The geologist’s kit.

The gallery of vegetable life, with wonderful color prints.

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