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Care of Clothes

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on May 26, 2009

From abc of men’s fashion by hardy amies

First and foremost, let your clothes rest and revive. Do not wear a suit or shoes two days running. Both cloth and leather need time to breathe. I am preaching economy, not extravagance- you must surely have two working suits in this day and age, so at least you can alternate.

Remember that every time you sit down you are ironing your suit in all the wrong places. Try even to change for the evening so that your suit does not have to work a full day. Take everything out of the pockets- you should not overload them in any case. Brush it, put it on a hanger, and hang the trousers by the bottoms if you can. Let it sleep for twenty-four hours.

Have it cleaned at least twice a year. Better still, get  it sponged and pressed once a month, unless you have actually spilt soup down it. If you press your own suit, do not put it on immediately, or you will simply put the creases straight back. Cloth needs a few hours to dry after pressing.

Keep shoes polished and on shoe trees, even if you are not using them. They need polish to preserve the leather as well as to look nice. Watch the soles for wear, and have them repaired when they get thin, not when they actually spring a hole.

Own as many hangers and shoe trees as you have garments and shoes to put on them. They will save you money in the long run.

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