On Hollywood Road

More Moustache

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on August 27, 2009

Devoted readers will note that I seem to be making a lot of blog posts today. Yes, this is true, but I’ve been thinking about them for a very long time. So disregard the dates and lose yourself in the rich narrative of Moustache knowing that this humble author has now pledged himself to a punishing but ultimately rewarding blogging regiment.

Now, things have really come along since our antique shopping trip to Zhuhai: as sewing machines whir away, over at 31 Aberdeen Street, a fresh coat of paint (the first of many) has already begun to transform the space. Loyal readers, who will surely recall how charmingly rough around the edges the space appeared on first viewing:


Will be pleasantly astonished by the striking, very lucky shade of blue we have painted it.


A perfect complimentary shade for our collection of antique maps, like this from the wonderful veteran Hollywood Road gallery Wattis Fine Arts:

And our very large map of the P.R.C:


Our lucky dragons:


The patron saint of Moustache, Dr. Sun Yat Sen:


And of course, our beautifully made menswear. Fans of j.a.daye will wonder where is the Moustache, and to that I have to say, you’ll just have to wait until 09/09/09!



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