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Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on August 27, 2009

One of the fun parts of opening a shop is decorating it. 31 Aberdeen Sreet is roughly 1000 square feet and located just around the corner from one of the world’s greatest collections of Chinese antiques in the world, and since we see both j.a.daye and moustache as a celebration of Hong Kong and China, how to decorate was a bit of a no-brainer, especially given our love of Chinoiserie. Unfortunately, the museum quality pieces on Hollywood Road are ever so slightly out of our price range, and maybe a little too polished for our tastes anyway, so on the advice of lots of blogs and amateur trip advisors, we hopped the ferry for Zhuhai. Founded (could it be?) in 1979 and famous for antique shopping and prostitution (two peas in a pod, right?), Zhuhai is kind of like the Shenzhen of Macao, and on any given Sunday you, along with several million other Chinese gamblers, can simply stroll across the border.


The first thing to note about the antique market in Zhuhai is that it is roughly the size of not so small American town. The second is that it’s probably a good ten degrees hotter than Hong Kong. Which is all to say that unless you are opening a shop in two weeks, it’s probably best not to choose the hottest day in August to explore it. That said, the advanced shopper will be abundantly rewarded, if not with purchases then definitely with scenes of archetypal Chinese-ness.






After a good thorough drenching, which made it another 10 degrees hotter, we decided we’d better get down to brass tacks, especially as noon was fast approaching, and we were all dying for a big old Portuguese lunch at Fernando’s in Macao. Perhaps it was hunger, perhaps fatigue, or perhaps it was just good old fashioned inspiration, but under the glare of the triumphant mid-day sun a vision of Moustache started to assemble itself, and if you are one of the many, many obsessive followers of this blog, take note: you will doubtless recognize in the following photos the birth of a store.




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