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From the j.a.daye Guide to Hong Kong: Cafe de Goldfinch

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When we decided to write the j.a.daye Guide to Hong Kong, our goal was simple- to point friends, colleagues and customers towards the restaurants, shops and attractions that often get outshined by all the glitz of modern Hong Kong – places that somehow, amazingly, have survived the manic obsession with newness and the developers’ wrecking balls. The Cafe de Goldfinch, opened in 1962, and featured in two of Wong Kar Wai’s films- one (In the Mood for Love) set in the 60s, the other (2046) in 2046- is an argument against the proposition that Hong Kong people aren’t interested in the city’s past. The night we took our friend, the lovely Pip Amey, who spends several weeks a year here and had never even heard of it, the restaurant was jam packed with trendy young locals, we were by far the oldest folks in the house. The Goldfinch was one of the first restaurants in Hong Kong to introduce “continental cuisine” to a Chinese clientele, and the menu has all the oddities that you would expect from such a place- grilled steak topped with ham and egg?- but is surprsingly delicious. Somewhere between an American style diner – with lamplit booths and bottles of ketchup and other condiments on the table- and a spot for a late night romantic rendezvous, the Goldfinch is a restaurant that defies easy categorization, which, in a city full of restaurants almost condescendingly one note, is quite an accomplishment. And they have the best, the best!, logo I have ever seen, and it is on everything: napkins, placemats, sugar packets. Plop it down in Brooklyn and the queues would be around the block. Amazing.


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Baked crab with cheese and potato chips- image courtesy of Pip.


Love the cow shaped cast-iron skillet!




vs. USA


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Pip and I, satiated.


Time Out Hong Kong

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Is it a coincidence we are featured in their “Sex Issue”, or are we just that sexy?

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