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Moustache in the News

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on February 10, 2010

As Hong Kong braces itself for the Lunar New Year in a flurry of orange tress, peonies, and red underwear, here at Moustache, we’re happily watching our winter collection fly off the racks. While this is in no small part due to the undeniable coolness of our super slim, peaked lapel jackets, cuffed trousers and piped shirts, and of course the Chinese rule stipulating that one must wear a head to toe, inside to out new outfit on the first day of the New Year, we surely owe a great deal of our success to the writers, editors and photographers at our favorite local magazines who have been kind enough to include us in their pages. We were especially pleased to be included in HK Magazine’s timely feature “Design Central,” a walking tour of the many new independent boutiques and design studios that have been setting up shop in Central and Sheung Wan over the past year or so.

Since we opened in September, there’s been so much happening on Aberdeen Street alone, helped out by a couple of big design exhibitions at the old Police Married Quarters Building. I’d venture to say that our hill, with its eclectic mix of boutiques, galleries and restaurants, is fast becoming a destination in its own right, and not just a side street between Soho and Gough Street, and it’s great to see that story in print.

Our friends Yuen and Catherine openend Magnan & Tse, a funky dress shop down the road, right around the time we opened Moustache. Catherine’s husband Thierry runs the equally fabulous French restaurant Cheri-Cheri up the hill. Of course, given the fashion and design focus of the piece, some notable stops along the Aberdeen Street trail didn’t get mentioned, like the excellent No Borders art gallery, run by another Yankee, Bang Bang, a vintage shop specializing in denim across the road from us, and Bologna, an amazing Japanese bakery with an egg sandwich that can only be described as original sin.

We’re also very excited to be featured in this months City Magazine, which is something like the Interview of Hong Kong, and which has recently launched editions in Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei. For those of you that do not read Cantonese, the article basically says Moustache is the coolest store ever to open in Hong Kong, with the most stylish clothes, best decoration and handsomest shop clerks. Or something like that. Thanks City!


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