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Hip Wo House Ware

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on April 1, 2010

Sometimes you can see something, or someone, everyday without really ever seeing it, and it takes someone else gushing about it before you realize its true beauty. I’ve lived and worked down the road from Hip Wo House Ware for three years now, walk my dog in front of it sometimes twice a day, and yet it took our dear friend Pip Amey, a champion shopper if ever there was one, to point out how incredible it is. Pip comes to Hong Kong two or three times a year for work and has her eye trained, as any self respecting visitor from New York would, on a bargain- particularly one with a little bit of character. That said, in my defense, the shop’s exterior gives little indication of the treasures waiting inside.

Nothing here but cheap suitcases, mops and – wait, shoes?

Lots of shoes- shoes you thought they stopped making in the early 1970s.

Inside, a very appealing mish-mash of housewares, sundries and packaged Chinese brand clothes.

Here we have an underwear brand that, despite appearing to be dead stock, is actually new and, what’s more, produced by a knitting factory in Hong Kong- who knew?

While the cut is a bit grandad- most likely because that’s who’s buying them!- the packaging is ace, and who couldn’t use heat resistant leg openings and a double panel seat on their underpants?

Speaking of packaging- I love the Chrysanthemum Brand logo. Our friend Timothy says they make the best singlets this side of Calcutta; sadly they were out of those, but I did walk away with a nice long sleeve white t-shirt.

This laundry soap from Shanghai has an odd smell, but I still love it and bought loads…

These pyjamas have a great pattern- I just wish they weren’t made out of burlap!

But didn’t I see these fabulous rain loafers in Prada?

One thing, however, you will not see at the Prada store…


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  1. Tyl van Toorn said, on June 11, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    Hey Guys,

    Just looking for someone I can talk to about a recent purchase I just made.

    Amazing shirt but it was already damaged by the time I got on the plane same day as the purchase.

    I really love your line but not sure if the hole that started forming on the golf shirt I bought was really supposed to be there.

    I wasn’t the one I tried on so not even sure it wasn’t there before I bought.

    I am now back in Canada. Anyway I can talk to someone about this?

    Purchase was made on June the 6th.



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