On Hollywood Road

The road to Hell is paved with bad intentions….

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on May 21, 2010

Nestled up in the Kowloon hills in Tsz  Wan Shan on the Shatin Pass Road, is a little known temple called Jill Lat Chin. Built by wealthy business men from the Chiu Chow area ( where we make all our Moustache T-shirts) the temple is a sober reminder of what may or may not be waiting for us after we die. The temple complex is built into a mountain and is a series of very steep terraces with gardens and courtyards and magnificent views of Kowloon and on a clear day , Hong Kong island. On the top terrace is a garden with cave like grottoes that lead to a staircase showcasing the most gruesome vignettes of the tortures that  await you in the afterlife. Rendered in ceramic with a very sadistic eye to detail , they are to say the least, enthralling.

For some reason, the temple is little known and rarely visited . I can’t understand why as I do not think I have ever seen a similar temple in China. If you have the chance, do make sure you visit it. Directions to get there can be found in our J. A. Daye Guide to Hong Kong.


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