On Hollywood Road

The Love Boat

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on July 4, 2011

Now that summer – the nice dry part, however fleeting- has well and truly arrived here in Hong Kong, our thoughts have turned once again to the great outdoors and how to enjoy them, and, like most Hong Kong people, that means getting out on the water, whether on a surfboard, a motor boat, a junk, or a yacht. Or, as the case may be, on a giant cruise ship with a few thousand compatriots for an evening of gambling, eating, gambling, dancing, gambling, Karaoke, gambling and lolling around in a swimming pool. And gambling. Anyone who’s spent some time in Hong Kong has seen these giants sailing out of the harbor every night bound for international waters, where they anchor for a night of, you guessed it: gambling. And while yes, these are in fact, very large floating casinos, they are also, technically cruise ships, just like the Love Boat, with fancy suites and restaurants and shuffleboard and all the other bells and whistles of a proper cruise ship. Only, instead of being stuck in the middle of the ocean for a week with a boatload of strangers, a trip on board the PISCES is a totally do-able 17 hours. That’s about how long it takes to fly to New York, but with leg room! What’s not to love? Now, to let you in on a little secret: we’ve been conspiring with a few friends on a very glamorous fancy dress party, but that’s all I can tell you. That, and while scouting locations for said party, we were lucky enough to get a guided tour of the PISCES, and we came away ready to book passage as soon as we can. The ships sail  every night at 8pm, just in time to take full advantage of the nightly harbor light show and returns the following morning at 6AM, though check out time is a civilised 11am so those who have been hitting the karaoke lounge full force can get some beauty sleep. Or gamble.

Whilst the views from the decks are of course awesome and stunning, the interior decoration of the ship is also quite unique- particularly the seemingly endless variety of printed carpets. Almost every new corridor- and on a ship like the PISCES, there are many, many corridors- features a groovy new carpet.


The ballroom is admittedly a bit of a letdown- better for a celebrity roast or a beauty pageant than a night of dancing…

The coveted jacuzzi suite! Apparently impossible to book, even 3 months in advance, as they are reserved for the PISCES’ regular NIGHTLY visitors. Who of course make much use of them, since they are clearly not there to gamble.

For the rest of us, there is the HKD800 / night steerage room, with sliding beds to accommodate couples or just two friends. And let’s face it, since we’re all going to be losing our shirts and mortgaging our children’s futures in the casino all night anyway, we might as well save the money…


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