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Sea Monster Rising

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on September 16, 2011

A lot of people, myself included, resisted painting over our last mural. We can, however, all take heart, for a phoenix mural rises from the ashes.


Moustache v.3

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on September 15, 2011

As we have since opening Moustache in 2009, Ellis and I and our super talented friend and collaborator James Dignan spent the wee hours of summer up a ladder, paint brushes in hand, making our little shop a new look for Autumn. This year’s manifesto is “Hong Kong as a shipping port” and we dug up lots of paintings of ships and container vessels and seascapes, painted the walls a very soothing shade of navy, commissioned an as yet to be unveiled mural of a three-headed sea monster from James and, in an unrelated tangent, built a big wooden shelf in the window for plants and ceramics. We replaced all the bulky old wooden furnitures with some slender trestle tables pushed against the walls. The result is that our little shop doesn’t look so little anymore. While photos don’t really do it justice – we encourage all of you that can to stop by next Friday September 23 (or anytime really) to see it in person- James has gotten pretty close with these snaps:

We commissioned the triptych of container vessels in the Dafen Painting Village; the rest we found in the flea market down the road.

Your happy hosts…

We’d originally thought a curtain would buffer some of the noise and picture takers on the street; thankfully Ellis had the brilliant idea to build this clever contraption instead.

It’s especially stunning with the sun poring through…

The mirror and light are a bit non-sequitur, but super stylish nonetheless, no?

As mentioned earlier, James is hard at work on the sea monster, plus there are so many little tchotkes and objet, so I will try to keep on posting some photos in the coming days, along with some previews of our collection and other goodies, but really I hope everyone will join us on the 23rd since it is so much more fun to see it with your own eyes and a drink in your hand!