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Kung Hei Fat Choi ! May your Dragon roar! (And a sale to consider.)

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on January 27, 2012

This lovely Kung Hei Fat Choi card comes to us all the way from the antipodes from our long term collaborator Mr. James Dignan* and we’d like to take a moment now that the holiday is winding down to wish all our readers and visitors to Moustache a hearty roar from us to you for this new Year of the Dragon! May it be a year of health, prosperity and lots of fun surprises. We will do our best to deliver on the surprises front and will be happy to partake of some of your wealth!

Your first surprise? Starting this weekend we’re throwing one of our random and infrequent sales. Up to 40% off on selected items, but only for a limited time, so come on down and get yourself or your lover a pair of long johns to ward off that ferocious cold!

*Please take a moment to check out James’ amazing work here. You will be sure to see more from him on Aberdeen street in the future coming months. Both James and Ellis are Dragons so expect lots of hot and fiery extras to amuse you all this year.


Can’t get out of town this Chinese New Year?

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on January 20, 2012

Since we opened Moustache in 2009, as a lot of you that read this blog will know, Ellis and I have not been able to get out of town much, and rather than wallow in self-pity (well, maybe a wee bit of wallowing!), we’ve tried to take advantage of all the truly amazing and zany things to do and see right here in our adopted city, and to share our experiences with anyone that will listen, both here on the blog, in the shop, and in our Moustache Guide to Hong Kong. And as we’ve traveled and written, Hong Kong has just gotten more interesting and funky and so much cool, creative stuff is happening here now it almost seems like a different city than the one we landed in seven years ago. So this post is dedicated to those that will usher in The Year of the Dragon here in Hong Kong- maybe you’ve got to work, maybe you’ve got to spend the holiday visiting all your family, maybe you don’t feel like subjecting yourself to the extortion that airlines engage in this time of the year, or maybe you just want to relax and enjoy the city when it’s not in full on crazy mode. Maybe you want to pretend you’re a tourist in your own city, get out of your apartment and neighborhood but you don’t want to spend the gazillions of dollars most hotels here charge. This charming recommendation comes from our pal and colleague Henry Temple: a super cute guesthouse for rent on AIRBNB on Shanghai Street in Mongkok, a little taste of tenement living in Hong Kong circa 1961.

The apartment is a 4th floor walk up, no lift, in a district that has seen very little in the way of gentrification. That said, the rates are USD260 per week. Which, if you haven’t checked out other hotels is basically unheard of. Especially when you see the care and attention to detail the adorable couple that own the flat have lavished on the place.

It’s a beautiful old space, like the apartments Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung share in In the Mood for Love, the movie that basically made Ellis and I want to move to Hong Kong in the first place. There are three rooms. One inspired by 1961 by the mentioned film above, one by 1972 and decorated with Bruce Lee posters and 70’s style furniture and finally a room that recalls the glory of Cantopo with vinyl records and pop style furniture. Pictures below, but do check out all 3 rooms in full on their Air BnB page.

Now, before we all get our hopes up and give poor Nic and Trig a total headache the weekend of Chinese New Year, the guesthouse could very well be rented already for the week. But I thought I’d write about it anyway, because if there was any justice in this world, these guys would open a hotel! It’s always been our dream to have a little guesthouse, and I can’t imagine we’d do too much differently, and it’s just great and very inspiring to see people doing what they can to make this city more interesting. And don’t think there isn’t plenty to do in Mongkok just because we don’t write about it. There’s the awesome Prince Edward Flower Market. There’s a little arthouse cinema and bookstore in Yau Ma Tei. There’s Shanghai Street Studios, a concept, run by Michael Leung, famous for his Hong Kong Honey, working with local residents on all sorts of cool projects. I’m sure there’s loads more to do and see, and, in fact, our Year of the Dragon resolution is to get out and see even more cool and interesting stuff that’s happening everywhere in our city. And of course we’ll keep writing about it. Because Lord knows. we’re never going to get a holiday! So Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Year of the Dragon!