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Ellis just came out of the closet and other matters

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on January 6, 2012

The week after New Years is when we all tend to hibernate and nurse our hang overs and try to figure out how in the hell we are going to live up to all those New Years resolutions that seem post New Years Day something that we really shouldn’t have made in the first place. Setting goals is always somewhat dubious. But when you have some nice press to start off the New Year, maybe setting the bar higher seems the way forward….

On that note, here is some press that we just received that makes us want to reach just that little bit higher in 2012.

First off, Ellis came “out of the closet” for Blue Carreon’s “Out of my Closet” column in the SCMP. Grace of Blue for the interview and the charming Carmen Chan for the visuals.

The next surprise was to make the cut of one of the coolest things in Hong Kong for the last year from JJ Acuna on his fantabulous blog Wanderlister + Asia !!! He selected our new range of small leather goods in collaboration with Stiibu & Co. To be one of the best 8 things in Hong Kong for the last year makes us swell with pride. We are so proud of this as this is our first foray into leather accessories for real . Just in case you are one of the very few people on this planet who might not of come across JJ’s blog, you can read about it here . A must visit if you want to know what is happening in our neck of the woods and the rest of the Asia region.

And to round off this bit of shameless self promotion, GQ CHINA has a guide to the coolest shops of Hong Kong, Shanghai & Beijing. And they discovered our little world here on Aberdeen street. They say we are colourful & fashionable! Yay!

What a way to start the New Year ! Thank you to the writers and photographers above and even more a HUGE thank you to all our customers and supportersĀ  who make opening the door on Aberdeen street such a pleasure and so rewarding every day. Now that you have all set the bar just that little bit higher for us, we will do our very best to deliver even more to you in 2012.


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