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A Better Cooking Kitchen!

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on April 26, 2012

Actually, this sign and entrance is around the corner at #1 Queen street.

I have never been a huge fan of the Cooked Food Center. For those that don’t know what that is,  it is usually part of an indoor, food and produce market and is a space devoted to vendors of prepared foods that you eat cafeteria style at tables in the center. A food court by any other name.

My dislike of them here in Hong Kong comes from the fact that being government run, they tend to share an aesthetic sensibility with the architects of state run prisons. They mostly feature grey concrete and public loo style tile work along  with blinding flouro lighting. The food is often hit and miss and the whole experience can be the antithesis of what I think a meal experience should be. Anyway, I take it all back as I finally made my way to ABC in the Queen Street market.

For people who live in Hong Kong, reading this might seem old hat as it has been open a while, but for those who are visiting or planning to visit our fair city, you might want to take note of ABC. I had never been in the few years it has been open, but had known about it. Just avoided going for the reasons stated above.

There was once upon a time in Hong Kong,  a restaurant called M at the Fringe. An elegant French-ish restaurant that sat atop the Fringe Cultural center and was much loved by citizens and visitors alike. It was forced to close when the cultural center wanted to take over their space and Michelle Garnaut the original founder,  now runs a very elegant restaurant in Shanghai & Beijing and is looking for a new space here in Hong Kong. In the meantime, a group of her chefs decided to open a restaurant, but in the Queens Market Cooked Food Center. Their idea was to serve high quality food at the same standard that was served at the previous restaurant. You could bring your own wine or you could buy from them. The pricing is for what you receive excellent and the staff and service is very friendly and efficient. Of course you are sitting in a food court so you can also along with the food from ABC sample any of the other vendors wares and we did have some egg battered prawns from another stall with the dozen oysters that ABC started us with. But looking around, ABC wins this food competition hands down!

Of course, you are in a very bright food court and for me ambiance and decoration is as much a part of the meal as the food. But with the checkered tablecloths, the cheerful staff and a good group of friends and a few bottles to add to the  mix, you can pass a very enjoyable evening at ABC. I was sceptical, but now I am won over. Pictures explain it all below!

The lobby of the building. Take this lift up to the Cooked Food Center on the 1st floor

Push the 1st floor button

Hungry diners. Note that ABC has red checkered cloths on their tables. The rest of the food court not. I like that touch. It dulls the flouro lighting a little.

The menu. Take note of the Lunch Special prices! I think I have found my new spot for lunch. ABC is right next to our studio where I cut all the patterns for our clothes.

The logo! Who can argue with that sentiment?

Of course, it’s Hong Kong, so you have to have Suckling pig! Looking good ABC and tastes good too!

Lamb shank which our fellow diners said was divine!

Sea Bass steamed with Asparagus.

Porcini mushroom souffle. Very airy and delicious yet earthy at the same time!

The reason for our visit that night ! Happy Birthday Kerensa!

Of course, this being a government run,  food court building in Hong Kong, you may find yourself confronted with signs in the toilets that you wish you hadn’t seen post dinner. I think I will just drink wine and skip the tea!


Vogue Australia Living blog looks at Hong Kong

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The Vogue Australia Living blog asked 3 well known Australians to choose their must visits and secret addresses to Hong Kong. And we here at Moustache are very flattered to have been picked by 2 of them!

The whole blog is a great read for addresses of hotels, restaurants and shops and whether you are visiting our city or if you already live here, you should find some places to check out. Take a read at this link.