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Liberatum Wraps up.

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on May 1, 2012

Last Friday through Sunday saw the Liberatum Cultural Festival appear in Hong Kong for the first time with 3 days of panel discussions, workshops, talks and exhibitions.It was a great success and we hope to see our city as a regular venue for this wonderful event!

Sadly, the festival coincided with one of our busier than usual week-ends of fittings and we were not able to go to as many events as we would have liked. But we did manage to catch the last event which was a performance piece by Terence Koh in the IFC mall. It was a very solemn affair. We all congregated in the lobby of the mall by the exhibition of Lyuba the woolly mammoth. ( By the way if you haven’t seen this, do go. It is the only fully preserved baby mammoth in the world, found in Russia and now visiting Hong Kong and accompanied by an impressive re-creation of a full scale skeleton to show how large this cute little baby would be fully grown.) – I digress…

Once assembled we were led by a very serious woman dressed in white with Margiela Tabi boots,  past Zara and the City Super to outside by the Ferry Piers where we found Terence Koh lying dead. We contemplated him for 10 minutes or so and then the Lady in White led us back. Somewhat satisfied by this art experience we went and ate some Japanese food at Rei Sushi, a very zen experience that seemed to fit the occasion.

A couple of images for your perusal!

The Death – documented by among others the striking Ms. Rossy De Palma !

The crowd – I sense a lot of Facebook action about to happen.


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