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The Bearded Lady does the Cha Cha Cha!

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on May 25, 2012

Last night saw the second outing of The Bearded Lady, this time around down South America way. Another super groovy night for her and all her splendid guests- no one thought it was possible, but I must say she’s outdone herself this second go around. The Bearded Lady, for those of you not yet to visit her, is our monthly cabaret which takes us traveling through long gone but never forgotten eras and places at our whim. First she visited Berlin 1931 and last night she took us to Rio De Janeiro circa 1943. We look to capture a mood through music, performance and ambiance. It is proving to be a lot of fun for us to do and hopefully for our guests as well.

The invitation above was drawn by our collaborator in all things visual, Mr. James Dignan.

Returning, tragically it must be said, for her farewell performance, the lovely GiGi and her band had the house on its toes and in tears. We wish her all the best luck in her native Toronto, even whilst we are secretly (or not so secretly) wishing Canada might just fall into the Arctic between now and next weekend.

Also returning the uber-talented Mr. Danny Depoe on vocals and brass, along with Monsieur Ellis Kreuger and various drinking and smoking types.

And the stunning in all ways (Bags! Cufflinks! Homeware! Opera! Lifestyle!) Mr. Olivier de Molina, doing an earth shattering rendition of Nessun Dorma.

And what Salon would be complete without a few tricks from the sublimely moustachioed Mr. Stuart Palm, who is coincidentally, the author of most of these photos. If not this one. Or maybe he is. MAGIC!

And Mr. Jim Schneider. tickling the ivories, despite a tennis injured hand. More Magic!

And some new talent on the floor: give it up for Paola Sinisterra of Tangram fame and her Latin lover Mr. Inti Guerrero, dizzying the crowd with their salsa twists and turns.

Paola shows some back!

And for so many – and not just the menfolk- the highlight of The Bearded Lady: a saucy yet always chic striptease from the beautiful Julie Shah, this time in savage jungle mode.

Look at her go!

And the hair! The hair! What is her secret?

Danny and his lungs. Gigi and her hair.

Brigitte De Silva, another new Chanteuse at the Lady, receives hugs and adulation for her mini-set. Hopefully the first of many appearances at the Salon.

A table full of charmers: Mr. De Molina and our dear friend and style icon Mr. Edmond Chin.

Paola lets her hair down: a Colombian dancing with a Cuban. Magnificent!

The lovely ladies of Whitespace and Creative City Maps, Danielle Huthart and Louise Wong.

Clearly the best photo of the bunch!

Giedre and Marika enjoying the show and some delicious Hendrick’s gin and tonics, the Salon No. 10 house specialty.

Josh and Zelie. Winks!

And this fabulous new friend, THE bearded lady of the evening,

Our friends Ronald and Ian shaking it up with some lovely visiting colleagues.

In charge, and I mean IN CHARGE, of the door at The Bearded Lady, the beautiful and fierce Phyllis, taking a rare break from a sultry and often unforgiving job.

Our partner in crime the dashing Mr. Stefano Occhipinti and the beautiful Ms. Hema Prakash.

Partner in crime – yes we are criminals!- the very svelte Mr. Sam Tabar with Gene Simmons. I jest! She’s a mime. And she’s won the best costume award- Ms. Cassie Bradshaw.

Yes she is a mime. But she does talk.

Paola and Ignacio with a finely trimmed new Moustache of his own. Que Guapa! Did I say that right? No Hablo Espanol!

And Adi, with a not so finely trimmed, but very beguiling moustache of his own, with a lovely lady friend.

Our man about town Henry Temple and his lovely Marie Yiqing Bouveron. A VERY cute photo.

He might not actually know how to play the piano, but he looks good pretending to!

The night’s tenderest moment: a serenade to Ellis and I from GiGi. Somethin’ Stupid. Brought a tear to me eye!

And finally your dapperest host belting out a tune for the slightly drunken but no less enthusiastic crowd: The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat. Cha Cha Cha!

Next stop for the Bearded Lady, Naka-Meguro Tokyo. June 30! Hope to see ya’ll there…



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  1. […] forgotten eras and places at our whim. At past salons, we’ve visited Berlin in the 1930s and Rio in the 1940s. We look to capture a mood through music, performance and ambiance. It is proving to be a lot of […]

  2. Salon No. 10 « On Hollywood Road said, on October 2, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    […] the proprietor of the wonderful Salon No. 10, the club on Arbuthnot Road that is host to The Bearded Lady. And if you don’t know who Ellis and I are, well I have to ask what you’re doing […]

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