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An invitation from all of us here at Moustache

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on June 20, 2012

The invitation to our tailoring salon

Moustache is going to be in Tokyo from July 10th – 14th for our inaugural tailoring salon. For 4 days we will be setting up camp at the lovely Midori.So in the Naka Meguro neighbourhood showing our wares and suiting up the dapper gentlemen of Tokyo. As well as showcasing our Bespoke tailoring, we will be presenting our new collection of leather goods designed again in collaboration with Stiibu. The shop will have an environment created by our usual visual conspirator Mr. James Dignan who will be doing portraits of people that come by the shop and other things that catch his eye so that the walls will grow with artwork each day. And the furniture and lighting will be provided by the very stylish Ms. Valeria Onofri who makes amazing furniture and lighting all from vintage components and is based in Rome. Pictures of her work below. James and Valeria add the perfect backdrop to our tailoring and we are very excited to create a magical environment with them in the Midori.So!

Midori.So, the location for both the tailoring salon and the Bearded Lady party.

Midori.So, the location for our tailoring salon. The building is a 40 year old 3 story apartment that was abandoned and the team that we are working with in Japan have acquired the building and done an amazing job with the interior ( photos of that will follow during our pop up shop!) but have left the exterior as is following the reasoning of why would you want to change such a romantic looking facade? Hong Kong developers take note!

The amazing furniture & lighting of Valeria Onofri which will be appearing at our shop.

Midori.So has lots of exciting plans for the building and we will report on those when we return. The building has only just opened and we are very honored to be a part of their programme.

Of course July calls for another Bearded Lady party! We have decided that taking our monthly cabaret party to Tokyo was an excellent way to wrap up the week of our tailoring Salon. And the last day just happens to be Saturday July 14th which is Bastille Day, we are going for a theme of Surrealism and Dada. Paris , July 14th 1933 is the date. Some of our usual crew of entertainers are coming up to Tokyo from Hong Kong with us and some will be new to us joining our merry band in Tokyo. We are very excited by this merging of our 2 cities in our world of cabaret and music. Below is the invitation, drawn once again by James Dignan and we hope to see some of our Hong Kong faces there!


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