On Hollywood Road

The IFC seems to be stepping up it’s game……

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on July 1, 2012

I think the IFC has realised that it is not enough to just be a shopping mall. If shopping is a leisure activity ( and according to surveys thrown at us here, it is the number one leisure activity of Hong Kongers) then you have to bring more to the table than just an open for business sign. For a while now, the main lobby of the IFC has been hosting exhibitions and performances of a much higher caliber of the usual variety. Gone are the barely disguised exhibitions/shilling of labels with shops in the center. Now we have more considered and interesting things to take their place. Following on the heels of the much loved Lubya the baby wooly mammoth exhibit, now appearing is a wonderful exhibition by famed architecture partnership, Rogers, Stirk, Harbour + Partners called “From The House To The City”.

The exhibition uses bright saturated colours to delineate zones which explain the different theories of Richard Rogers and partners which deal with the relation of cities, people and development. But the real joy here, for us anyway, are the beautiful models of the buildings along with original drawings and video that make this exhibit a real delight. Miniature cities and models bring out the child in all of us and here that effect reaches it’s peak effect. Plus there is a great giveaway of a fold out catalogue with photos of all the buildings that is a graphic artists wet dream. This exhibition was first mounted in 2008 and has now landed down in our fair city with little to no fanfare. Who knew about it? But it did stop us in our tracks as we came up the escalator last night. Please go along and see it if you have not already. It is a real treat!

Can we have one of these in Hong Kong pretty please?

Chiefley Square in Sydney – the detail of the model and lighting is very atmospheric no?

When I grow up, please can I live here?



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