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Coming this week, our Tokyo Guide book !

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on July 2, 2012

At the end of this week, we are decamping to Tokyo to host our first Tailoring salon and pop up shop in the lovely neighbourhood of Naka-Meguro. To celebrate this we are releasing our Moustache Guide To Tokyo. Volume 1 Shibuya-ku.

Written in collaboration with the team who are working with us on the Pop Up shop. They are also the people behind the location for the shop,  Midori.so , and we would like to especially thank  Mr. Teruo Kurosaki, MAT &  Ms. Miho Koshiba who so kindly showed us a side of Tokyo we would never have seen without them. You will see the results of this in our new guide. The Midori.so is a wonderful project just recently launched and we will be writing about this during the salon next week.

Tokyo is a very dense and large city as you all know, so we have split up the guide into a few volumes. The first to come out is Volume 1 Shibuya-ku which focuses on the western ward of the city where we are holding our salon and includes the neighbourhoods of Shibuya, Daikanyama, Ebisu, Naka-Meguro, Aoyama etc. Volume 2 will focus on the Eastern areas.

As well as a new city, expect to see a new format and layout for this new  guide. As a sneak peek, here is the cover below , illustrated by our friend and partner in all things visual, Mr. James Dignan.

The Moustache Guide to Tokyo will be available during our pop up shop and Tailoring salon and afterwards at our Aberdeen Street store. We look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts as always on this new venture.


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