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Moustache in Naka-Meguro

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on July 10, 2012

After lots of planning and many late nights at the shop preparing, we have finally arrived at Midori.so for our first overseas salon, and we couldn’t be prouder and more thankful for all the folks who have helped make this happen for us! We took some photos throughout the day as we finished painting the walls, hanging and pressing the suits, sewing in buttons and labels and all the other final touches, all under the brilliant sun of a real Tokyo summer day. For all that can’t join us here, a glimpse at the little home away from home we’ve tried to create; for all those that can join us, please do- we’re open for business!

The beautiful little creative hive that is Midori.so. In addition to the site of our salon, Midori.so is the home of Mediasurf, the company behind the Ayoyama Farmer’s Market, and also lots of other creative entrepreneurs. It’s a very inspiring place to be doing business.

Entrance way to Midori.so, a lovely old apartment building rescued back from the elements, giving it the not unpleasant sense of being a little bit haunted.

Moustache Bespoke Tailors, open Tuesday 10 July-Saturday 14 July, 11AM-7PM.

Dictionary and stand.

Our new collection of travel accessories made in collaboration with Stiibu, housed in one of many, many great old pieces of furniture here at Midori.so.

Moustache Guides to Hong Kong and Tokyo and artwork by our pal James Dignan.

More printed matter.

Moustache collection, with furniture from For the Love of Old.

More collection, and some amazing portraits of Ellis, Stefano and I by James. He is here all week and when he’s not decorating the walls he’s happy to dash off a portrait or two.

Summer ties from Moustache.

James and more furniture from For the Love of Old.


Model No. : Jacques Cousteau

Model No.: Kentucky Derby

Model No.: Canadian Tuxedo

Model No.: Lounge Lizard

Model No.: Madison Avenue

Model No.: Fleet Street (part of a three-piece suit)

Model No.: Jack Kerouac

Model No.: Promenade

Model No.: A Dirty Weekend

Model No.: Getting Down to Business

Various Travel Accessories from Moustache and Stiibu

More travel accessories

View from the Salon. Wish you were here! Wish we were there!




4 Responses

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  1. SMB said, on July 10, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Ah magnificent! So inspiring!

  2. Suzy said, on July 10, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    How very exciting for you both! Well done!

  3. […] leather and super sturdy Japanese canvas. Though we’re most excited about the new bags, which I shared with you yesterday, there’s so much love to go around, I just had to share the rest with […]

  4. Clarisse said, on July 16, 2012 at 8:55 am

    Happy to c all this lovely bagagerie and smart clothes and the place full of light and the water not far. As you say, wish I were there, wish you were here. I am in GVA – a climate change summer (…). As for Bharat – apologies for the late follow-up – this is India in Hindi. Let us b in touch again soon. One Love – Cl.

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