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The Bearded Lady Tokyo

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on July 17, 2012

To cap off a tremendously fun and inspiring week in Tokyo, we transformed our pop-up tailorshop at Midori.so into a cozy salon for the third of our Bearded Lady parties, and it was a super way to bid a temporary adieu and giant thank you to our favorite city and the incredibly generous people who call it home. While it wasn’t quite the entertainment spectacular that we are able to pull off in Hong Kong thanks to all our talented friends here that will basically perform for peanuts since they love us so much, we did manage to put together a nice party and I think a good time was had by all.

Ellis and James’ DADA curtain.

And lots of fabulous vintage furniture culled from the four corners of Midori.so

Partygoers inspecting the goods

Bartender, decorator, man about town and a great new friend, Mr. Jesus Salinas. Meanest Mojito EVER!

Our gal and exotic burlesque legend, Julie Shah, before taking the stage.

Two very peppy puppies- you should see them jump!

Trendy partygoers- thank you!

Ellis, James and Kurosaki san.

Ellis, Stefano and I pose with the superstars.

A gang of handsome men: Mica, James, Nacio & pal and Masa


And mingling…

Gathering for the night’s entertainment…

A rousing ukelele performance from Eriko san, who works on our bespoke denim in Okayama.

A lovely gift of very fine Japanese wine from Masaki san. Which I shamelessly guzzled. What am I like?!?

Ellis thanks Kurosaki san. We all thank Kurosaki san!

Miho closes the bar.
But not to worry, this being Tokyo, the night went on. And on and on and on. We all decamped for an after party at Moscow Bar, home to the finest pole dancers in Japan, then for a spell in the gay ghetto and ending up at an amazing late night dance party at Oath. Don’t ask what time we came home. And don’t ask to see the pictures.

Seriously, a big heartfelt thank you to all our friends in Tokyo for making this trip happen: Kurosaki, MAT, Miho, Tomoji, and Kuki, Masa and Anna, Amr, Eriko and Oshima, Jesus and of course James and Julie and Stefano and Sam and Karim and Deborah for making the trip out to support us! We are seriously IN LOVE with Tokyo and already scheming our next adventure there in October. Until then, big love from Hong Kong!


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