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Ha Wan Pao, The friendly paper. Created by Anna Gleeson

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on July 22, 2012

Ha Wan Pao is a new monthly magazine/journal produced by Anna Gleeson right here in our fair city of Hong Kong. Anna’s manifesto is to create “ a monthly paper about people who make beautiful things“. So far by issue number 2 we have read about artists, experts on tea, fashion designers, comic book illustrators and even a veterinary surgeon! Simply printed on newspaper and printed in two colours, it is a delight to read and opens up a window onto a world of interesting people here in Hong Kong that you would like to get to know. The writing style is conversational and the interviews have a quality of listening in on a conversation that is very gemutlich. Definitely worth a read and at a very wallet friendly price of HKD25 that can not be beat! We stock Ha Wan Pao here at Moustache, so swing by to pick up a copy if you do not find it elsewhere.

You can read more about the paper at hawanpao.blogspot.com or contact them at hawanpao@gmail.com

Anna herself is a very talented illustrator and artist and maker of of beautiful things in paper that we have covered on this blog before. If you missed that post, you should definitely take a wonder over to her site here  or take a look at her own blog here .

Both are a pure delight and we at Moustache are very happy that Anna made a new home in Hong Kong since a while and brings her love of printed matter and keen eye for finding beauty in odd places to share with us all. Congratulations on a great new magazine that we look forward to reading each month!


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  1. anna said, on July 24, 2012 at 4:13 am

    oh thanks guys! this is so sweet!

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