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Pedderzine Exhibitionist

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on September 27, 2012

Today is the kind of beautiful sunny day that, despite it being deliriously hot, those of us that have spent a few seasons here will instantly recognize as autumn. The air is dryer and clearer and the light seems to fall at a different angle and even the heat is a different kind of heat. And with the arrival of autumn comes all sorts of fun and interesting things to do. We’ve got a few of our own up our sleeves, about which much more very soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share with you one worth visiting, especially if you are a lover of printed matter and fancy shoes: Pedderzine Exhibitionist. For those that don’t know it, On Pedder is a purveyor of women’s luxury footwear and accessories. One of our newest and most favorite new friends Marika Nanni staged the exhibition, which I have to admit, might have flown under my radar. I’m glad it didn’t.


Like many of you I’m sure, I was not even aware that On Pedder had been making a magazine. I suppose that unless you are a woman with very sophisticated (and expensive!) taste, you wouldn’t be. Which is a shame because it’s really cool. Kind of like I.T. Post, another Hong Kong shop produced magazine (only with an even more limited circulation), Pedderzine is a zany and fabulous exercise in graphic design. Theseus Chan, the artistic director, deserves a big kudos for taking what could have turned into a dull catalogue for selling luxury goods into a magazine the pages of which truly are art gallery-worthy.


There are lots of fun interactive elements for the kid in you too- suspiciously looking fake US dollars for the taking that in New York would likely warrant a visit from the FBI (center frame on the far left in the below photo) and a giant game kind of like those candy boxes with the twelve days of Christmas when every day you pull away a tab for a bit of chocolate only these tabs likenesses of the late Lady Diana, Karl Lagerfeld and other fashion-y celebrities (large frame in the center of the below photo.)


And then of course copies of Pedderzine itself. If you can’t make it to the gallery on On Lan Street in Central, which despite the fact the gorgeous old buildings that used to house the Comme des Garcons and Martin Margiela stores have been razed, continues to be a funky little fashion destination, you can fortunately browse through the PDF files here.


Since we were lucky enough to score an invite to the opening party, we even got to have our photo taken. Cute!


The exhibition runs through next week and there’s also one running at their shop in Singapore. I know there’s lots to do this time of year, but it’s definitely worth checking out. So check it out!


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