On Hollywood Road

Salon No. 10

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on October 2, 2012

A lot of you are going to recognize these handsome mugs, even if the photo quality is, well, not the best! It’s Ahlaiya Yung, Ellis, Stefano and myself. Stefano is the man behind Stiibu, with whom we have been collaborating on our collection of leather travel accessories for the past year and Ahlaiya is the proprietor of the wonderful Salon No. 10, the club on Arbuthnot Road that is host to The Bearded Lady. And if you don’t know who Ellis and I are, well I have to ask what you’re doing reading this blog! We’re all happy to announce that we’ve decided, since we work so well together on The Bearded Lady, to take our partnership a little further: Moustache and Stiibu are taking over the daily management of Salon No.10, effective immediately. We’ll be hosting events there Tuesday through Friday nights- music from us and our other musically inclined friends, good cocktails and a crowd you won’t find anywhere else in Hong Kong. And while not every night at the Salon is going to be a Bearded Lady, we’re certainly not averse to rolling up the rugs for some late night dancing if the mood strikes! Rumour has it, there are even poles being installed for our gorgeous resident pole dancers… And never fear The Bearded Lady, she next touches down on October 25th circa 1981 Manhattan, so keep an eye out for your invites! In the meantime, do pop by and say hello, have a cozy glass of bubbles and chat up some interesting and amazing new friend. And if you just can’t get enough, Salon No. 10 is available for private parties and dinners from Saturday through Monday nights- just drop a line to info@salonnumber10.com for more details. See you there!


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