On Hollywood Road

The Bearded Lady New Wave Disco, Manhattan 1981

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on November 5, 2012

After a glamorous months-long yet top-secret holiday, The Bearded Lady’s time travel machine finally landed once again Hong Kong side unleashing her potent early-eighties downtown New York city dance club vibes all over Salon No.10. And were we ever ready for her! By the way, this party is dedicated to all our New York City and East Coast friends and all the sogginess they’ve had to endure- hope you enjoy our tribute! (Invite featuring, in time-honored fashion, the much loved stylings of Mr. James Dignan, artiste extrordinaire!)

Some intense dance floor stares from the gorgeous Jan Pang and her handsome sidekick Alexis Holm…

And some equally intense dancefloor stares from Henry Temple and the marvelously eye-make-upped Shelly Hayashi…

Bearded Lady A-Lister Marie rocks the crucial Bladerunner meets Legend of Billie Jean meets Working Girl look.

This spectacularly spooky photo has a back story. The night before TBL landed, Salon No.1o was the site of a top-secret, very exclusive Seance, presided over by our resident expert on all things magical and the occult, Mr. Stuart Palm, pictured above. Twice. I should also mention that he is the photographer of all of these photos. Except this one. Or is he? Or are the Spirits partying with us at Salon No. 10? I think so.

The Lords and Ladies of the Dance


And hotpantz!

Eighties Realness!

Our famous Dj, Mr. Anand Joshi, rockin it on the vinyl…

There is a special place in the Heavenly Disco Inferno for our great friend Ed Chin, a true dancefloor visionary.


A totally cute Bearded Lady newbie: did we win you over?

Robin Ewing: Got to be Real!

In which The Bearded Lady becomes PERFORMANCE ART. Part 1. Starring JJ and LouLou.

In which The Bearded Lady becomes PERFORMANCE ART. Part 2. Starring GiGi. By the way to the person who stole GiGi’s iphone: you are OFF the guestlist!

The dancefloor is getting sweaty…

Whilst I get my boogie on!

Foxy breakdancers!

The true Bearded Ladies, the ones that rock the party with the best outfits (four of them!) and the moves like no others: my idols, JJ and LouLou. Body and Soul!


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