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Hong Kong Map Scarves Are Back In Stock!

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on March 21, 2013

This season’s map scarves are back in stock and we have had a lot of fun in coming up with new approaches to this Moustache staple. This season we have added a new city – an Edo era map of Tokyo – and we have 2 artists scarves combined with maps of Hong Kong, one from Charles Munka¬†and one from the late Tsang Tsou Choi, aka The King of Kowloon.

The scarves are all printed on fine cotton voile which is perfect for mopping your brow on the hot and humid days of summer, which are rapidly approaching! Come by the store and take a look! (excuse the slightly blurry photos, we were excited to show them to you all and my phone camera isn’t playing nice today!)


A 1970’s era map of our home city.


Tsang Tsou Choi aka “The King of Kowloon” with his characters over another 70’s era scarf that we had printed before a couple of seasons ago without his work applied on top.


Hong Kong in 1915 – my what a long way we have come!


5 different areas of Hong Kong presented as a set of handkerchieves. But you can just buy one if you can resist all 5!


A wonderful scarf by Charles Munka who has applied his inimitable work to an old map of Hong Kong.

There are a couple more designs which we are just finishing off now and these 2 will join the others in the shop this weekend. A nice excuse (if you need one) to stop by too to say hello!