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S/S 14 – The Ponza Collection From Moustache/Stiibu

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on June 27, 2013

Last Summer we went with a group of very dear friends to spend the Summer on the island of Ponza, AKA Paradise, halfway between Rome & Naples.  It was one of those really memorable holidays that stays in your mind and surfaces a year later as a collection of small leather goods that will be available for Spring/Summer 2014. A while away, but we are so happy with them that we thought we would share them with you now. And we might just be that impatient that we can not wait that long and you will see them pop up in our Aberdeen Street store.We will be heading off soon with the same group of friends to a house in Greece for our summer holiday, so expect to see some more results inspired by our stay in the Villa Penelope at Mathoni soon!

All photos by the lovely Louise Upperton our comrade in arms in all our adventures!


A Bag for your computer and all the other things you have to schelp around. Lined in waterproof yellow nylon with interior pockets for your phones, pens and other stuff.


The Bag lying flat to show the soft construction that we believe in,


A Dime bag and a Passport Holder.


The Dime Bag & Passport Holder laid out flat


This easy Attache comes in 2 sizes (fits an iPad, or an  Pad mini). If you don’t own one of those it is also great just for Documents and other things you might want to carry around.


The interior showing 2 inside pockets and yellow nylon waterproof  lining. Magnetic closure.


A Travel Wallet/computer case with zipper closure


The Computer case has lots of inside pockets and space for credit & ID cards as well as boarding passes, documents and anything else you need to keep sorted.


A Going out wallet (on the left) keeps all you need in one place for a good night out.

A Business Card Holder (on the right) has separate compartments so that you do not mix up your cards with the ones that you receive.