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Moustache Fifth Anniversary, a Look Back, pt. 5

Posted in Uncategorized by Alex Daye on September 23, 2014

1.IMG_0543 One of the initial inspirations for Ellis and I to start a menswear shop came from a series of trips to Tokyo we took in the Spring and Fall of 2008. We were truly blown away from our explorations there and remain seduced by that fabulous city. So suffice it to say, we were very pleased to be asked by one our bespoke customers, a Japanese man with a really diverse range of business interests, from the city’s Farmer’s Market to architecture to modern furniture design, to stage a temporary tailoring salon in one of his multi-function spaces in Daikanyama, midori.so. We were so happy to have James join us to bring as much of the visual vibe of Moustache from Hong Kong to Tokyo.2.IMG_0391 3.IMG_0572 4.IMG_0573 5.IMG_0580 6.IMG_0585 We also took the time, with the massive assistance of our friends from Midori.so, to compile a small guidebook to Tokyo. While we were not able to return the following year due to some prior committments in Hong Kong, we are finally in the planning stages for our next, long overdue trip to this city we love. 7.IMG_1389We also participated in the debut session of The Hub, a new fashion exhibition in Hong Kong with a heavy menswear tilt. We were very happy to get to meet some great menswear brands from England, France and Japan, which was really great fun, as we haven’t traveled abroad on the international trade fair circuit.8.IMG_1383 9.IMG_1384 10.IMG_1386These wonderful photographs of that 2013 collection, Uniform, below, are of our new all time favorite Moustache model, thoroughly knocking me out of the running, Mr. Adrian Wong. Adrian’s more than just a pretty face- he’s probably the most famous Hong Kong art star at the moment, and, importantly for our story, now married to our new assistant tailor, Ms. Samantha Reid Wong. These beautiful photos were taken by Wendy Lam and styled completely by her, Sam and Adrian, over a couple of days at the couple’s studios in Wong Chuk Hang, and feature their cute rabbit, about whom they are quite serious!11.IMG_9526 12.IMG_9629 13.IMG_9729 14.IMG_9737 15.UNIFORM_001 16.UNIFORM_006 17.UNIFORM_010 18.UNIFORM_011 19.UNIFORM_012We met Adrian in earnest when he asked us to work with him on costumes for the Art Basel Absolut Art Bar, which he’d been chosen to create for the very first Hong Kong version of this art fair.  20.431794_659043954122939_1194402322_n 21.IMG_0274 22.935764_576444519042510_880970103_n That same season, we worked with Yana Peel for the closing Art Basel party. Here Ellis is a ruff, a bowler, and a pink tuxedo, and me in my David Bowie inspired turquoise suit, with our lovely friend Julie Shah.23.IMG_0279 24.IMG_0283Finally just weeks ago Samantha and Adrian tied the knot in her hometown in England. Though it wasn’t an official Moustache photo shoot, we worked on Adrian’s tuxedo, Sam’s wedding dress and veil, as well as all the bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen’s suits!25.Samantha_Adrian_FILMS_052 26.Samantha_Adrian_Wedding-150 27.Samantha_Adrian_Wedding-217 28.Samantha_Adrian_Wedding-342Samantha was gone for a whole month, and boy did we miss her! Good thing these guys are so in love, so we won’t have to endure that again. And after a teensy-bit of holiday-making ourselves, we are all happy to be back at Moustache, where we hope to continue making beautiful clothes and adding what we can to the life of this city we now call home. invite-front


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